Youth Performance

Here at Yo Murphy Performance our goal with every client especially our youth clients is to fuel their Intentinspire their Purpose & have an impact on their journeyOur goal is to create long-term commitment that extends past the gym doors. Our programs are created with the intent to push our clients physically and mentally as well. We want to develop a mindset to pushes you to greatness in everything you do not just your sport, its bigger than athletics. Every training session consists of corrective strategy/movement prep, power/speed agility, resistance training, energy system development the work, cooldown/recovery. There are 168 hours in every week and they all should contribute to your overall growth not only when you're at the gym. 


We have three divisions with our youth classes Grassroots, Impact & Elite 


Ages 7-11 is developed to install our movement pillars, improve motor skills and build a wide-ranging exercise library that will carry them throughout their athletic journeys 


Ages 12-14 and is developed to introduce individuals to age-appropriate strength training as well as an introduction to power and speed 


Ages 15-18 or any youth athlete advanced enough to handle the full workload. Our elite groups train just like collegiate athletes. It's meant to prepare them for their upcoming season as well as their training at the next level.